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UV LED Exposure Machine

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The new generation of collimated LED exposure machine has imported light source system at its core, supports plug-and-play, and has no use of cooling tower. Its precise double quartz aspheric lens can achieve collimation half angle less than 2° (in contrast with the 45° of ordinary water-cooled machine), and line resolution below 50UM/UM (100UM/UM for ordinary machine); the absence of heat radiation from infrared free films from expansion and contraction, and ensure high quality of image transfer. There is nearly no light attenuation at all, which enhances process stability, and improve rate of qualified products; what is more, it is eco-friendly since no ozone is produced. It is a perfect substitute for the ordinary exposure machine with mercury lamp that is currently used in PCB production. The use of LED light source will greatly reduce the cost of exposure.



UV LED exposure machine's main use is in PCB manufacturing, semiconductor production, and exposure process for high precision circuits.


Working principles and features

1. Save energy, and reduce cost: A LED requires 15W of energy to reach a certain luminance, it would take 1500W for a conventional lamp to reach the same level of luminance. It will save up to 80% energy even compared with UV halogen lamps. LEDs are extremely cost saving and eco-friendly.

2. The light source system has a warranty of 3 years, longer service life; a LED will be in function for over 20,000 hours.

3. Wider applications: Light from a LED is not the result of infrared heating, which means low heat radiation, and therefore media prone to thermal distortion, such as plastic foam board, foil, and PVC, will be protected during the printing process. And this widens the range of medium applicable.

4. Short response (on/off) time: LEDs can greatly improve production efficiency because they require no preheating, and are ready for exposure operation as soon as they are turned on.

5. High safety level: LEDs give off no UVC, no ozone, and cannot be damaged easily.

6. High reliability:

8. Applications have been made for the product for national patents, and 7 of them are awarded. High power UV-LED exposure machine mass-produced with independent intellectual property rights are available in the market now, which, compared with conventional exposure machine using halogen lamp, will achieve an overall energy saving of 85% or above.

9. Manually operated machines will inevitably be upgraded to automated ones under the pressure of soaring labor costs. KST's auto-alignment exposure machine with LED light source, which has a wide range of application, is in mass production and available in the market now.


Exposure machines in modern days are indispensable for production of PCBs, or printed circuit boards. The most important step in making PCBs is to transfer the image on the film to the copper foil-covered substrate. First a layer of photographic material, such as photographic emulsion, or photosensitive dry film, is applied to the substrate, then the substrate with photosensitive material is exposed to light radiation, which will change solubility of the part of material so exposed. The unexposed part, in which polymerization is not activated, will be dissolved by photographic developer, leaving the exposed part to form an image on the substrate. This process is call exposure. The exposure process in production of printed circuit boards is handled by exposure machine. [1] 

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