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  • Senior Mechanical Engineer


    Qualifications: Bachelor's degree or above in mechanical design or related field, with more than 10 years mechanical design experience and strong mechanical design experience
    Quality: Chikunailao, innovative spirit, a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility and team spirit;
    Skills: proficient in all kinds of design software, with good communication, coordination and problem-solving skills;
    Knowledge: 2 or more national invention or national patent, familiar with the ISO9001 quality management system


    1, responsible for automatic LED exposure machine, AOI machine and other mechanical design, to meet the needs of the use of the basis, so that products meet the standard of standardization, serialization, generalization.
    2, responsible for the company automatic LED exposure machine, AOI mechanical project 3D \ 2D drawings design, project BOM production.
    3, to ensure the company's overall work schedule, responsible for mechanical design drawings and BOM production of fast and accuracy, speed is defined as meeting the production procurement period, the accuracy defined as each map issued after processing is not rework (customer requirements and technical upgrading except).
    4, responsible for mechanical design drawings and BOM proofreading, review.
    5, is responsible for the trial mechanical sample, verify the design, analysis of reliability and production of the Department of operability.
    6, responsible for follow-up design and production assembly process guidance and problem solving.
    7, Responsible for the standardization of technical drawings, documents and materials of mechanical projects, and then submit them to unified management after acceptance.
    8, responsible for optimization, upgrade LED exposure machine, AOI machine mechanical parts.
    9, is responsible for assisting the after-sales engineer analysis, to solve the mechanical part of the production process problems and make a written analysis of the report published, archived.
    10, responsible for organizing, participating in the project, design data, program discussion, review, confirmation and other meetings;
    11, responsible for organizing the company related to the project staff or new mechanical design principles and mechanical assembly training;
    12, to complete the higher level of other work arrangements.

  • Director of Sales


    Qualifications: Bachelor degree or above in marketing or related field
    Quality: a high sense of responsibility and team spirit;
    Skills: More than 6 years working experience in mechanical equipment industry, 3 + years working experience, good communication, coordination and problem solving skills.
    Knowledge: trained in marketing, product knowledge, public relations, management skills development, etc.


    1. Assist the sales deputy to formulate the sales plan and sales target according to the market development and the company's strategic plan.
    2, responsible for the decomposition of sales tasks, sales of seminars, so that a clear goal of sales staff to protect the company's sales target is completed.
    3, to assist the Deputy General Manager to develop product prices.
    4, to assist the marketing plan and program development, organization to carry out the corresponding promotional activities.
    5, presided over the important customer business negotiations and the signing of the contract.
    6, responsible for the timely completion of the sales team to recover the purchase price, audit and report the amount of accounts receivable, and proposed collection plans and measures.
    7, supervision department staff according to the sales plan and objectives, effective sales work.
    8, the organization of the regional manager for sales analysis, the collection of competitors, according to the actual situation to adjust sales strategies, develop countermeasures to deal with market changes.
    9, to assist the company to develop sales commission and sales staff salary management.
    10, responsible for sales department budget and operating cost control.
    11, the department's annual, quarterly, monthly power plan and summary.
    12, responsible for the selection of personnel, equipment, training, evaluation, performance evaluation and day-to-day management.

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